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1.  Commit to the Process

Buying a home or income-producing land is the largest and most important purchase in the lives of most people.

The savvy buyer makes a conscious decision and commitment to buy.  He or she plans carefully, allocates time to search, keeps emotions in check and listens to the advice of a real estate professional.

2.  Find the Right Agent

With an ever-changing real estate market, it's important to have a knowledgeable real estate professional guide you through the process.

3.  Get Pre-Approved for Financing

When a seller receives an offer, there are two primary factors that will be considered.  How much is the offer? Does the buyer really have the money?  The seller may be more willing to negotiate price and other terms, if money is assured.

When a buyer makes the effort up front to get pre-approved for financing, it does two things - Establishes exactly how much he or she can afford.  And, puts you in a strong negotiating position with sellers.

For help in determining your financing needs, visit one of our local banks.  Or see our mortgage calculator below. 

For information on USDA Housing Programs for first-time buyers, call us.  Or, got to http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/ia/rhs-cf.html . We also have information available on Region 12 funding for down payment assistance.

4.  Be Realistic

Buyers should come to terms with what they really need, want and can afford to buy.

5.  Make the Right Offer

A rule of thumb is that a too low offer usually results in the buyer losing the home or paying more.  A low ball offer puts the seller on the defensive and contaminates the environment needed to result in a win-win negotiation.  A too high offer can also send the wrong signal, especially if the home just recently went on the market.  The too high offer may cost the buyer money, by causing the seller to be less agreeable to other terms and conditions.

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